Christopher Le Brun 4 July – 18 August 2018

Christopher Le Brun has been a celebrated British artist since the early 1980s; he has also been an instrumental public figure in his role since 2011 as President of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, which celebrates its 250th anniversary this year. Le Brun’s first exhibition with Lisson Gallery will feature a new series of large-scale abstractions created over the past two years, often involving great accretions of colour and gesture, towards final, “all-over” compositions. These glowing and scintillating surfaces, containing passages both luminous and numinous, are what he describes as “primary” responses to the act of painting, rather than commentaries on life or homages to previous artists. There are, however, notable references to music and literature, as well as influences from his drawing and printmaking practices, throughout this new work, which represents a singularly rich moment in his 40-year career as an artist.

67 Lisson Street